AI Humans for Dental Practices

Elevate customer service, boost lead generation, and eradicate time wasted on routine tasks!

Utilize AI Humans to engage with your clients, handling tasks such as answering service inquiries, scheduling appointments, and seamlessly verifying insurance through your website, email, and other channels.

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5 Reasons to bring AI Humans into your Dental Practice!

Retain More Customers By


How we help retain customers

  • Personalized advice
  • Free services such as Insurance checks
  • Answering queries
  • Streamlined appointment scheduling

Increase New Patients By


How we help increase new patients

  • Engaging website visitors
  • Offering free services such as insurance coverage
  • Promptly addressing inquiries

Increase Appointments By


How we help increase appointments

  • Remind patients of remaining insurance benefits
  • Make scheduling appointments easy
  • Engage customers with missed calls
  • Boosting new patient bookings

Reduce Customer Support Work

(> 5 hours average savings/day)


How we help reduce staff time

  • AI Humans addresses all questions, fast, accurate and at any time.
  • Insurance is pre-verified before appointment

Reduce NO SHOWS By


How we help reduce no shows:

  • User-friendly rescheduling
  • Timely, intelligent reminders

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What are AI Humans?

AI Humans transcend mere chatbots.

AI Humans ≠ Chatbots

AI Humans embody human-like 3D avatars, mirroring human communication skills, a product of advancements in key technologies, notably Conversational AI, Computer Vision AI, and 3D Animation.

AI Humans = AI Conversation + Computer Vision AI + 3D Avatar

Capable of executing tasks ranging from simple to intricate, AI Humans evolve in intelligence by assimilating knowledge about your business.

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What do AI Humans do for Dental Practices?

AI Humans for Dental Practices redefine virtual assistance. Addressing client’s myriad of inquiries, from operational hours and directions to service details and preparation guidelines, our AI Humans excel without limitations. Rigorously tested with over 500 questions and thousands of variations, they assure comprehensive support.

Our AI Humans bring unparalleled proficiency to enhance the dental practice experience

Key functionalities include

1. Client Interaction

Address any client query efficiently.

2. Insurance Management

Capture, validate, and verify insurance seamlessly.

3. Appointment Handling

Set, cancel, and confirm appointments with ease.

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What are benefits of AI Humans for Dental Practices?

Boost revenue by converting website visitors and missed call customers into valuable leads through AI Human interactions.

Foster customer loyalty by providing swift and accurate responses to inquiries. Satisfied clients are more likely to return.

Facilitate easy appointment scheduling, even for missed calls, as AI Humans automatically guide users through the booking process. AI humans also help to verify patient’s eligibility & benefits coverage.

Reduce staff time spent on routine tasks by delegating queries and insurance verifications to AI Humans. Their learning capabilities

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Why choose us?

Choose us for a forward-thinking approach to AI in healthcare, where a specialized and experienced team ensures the success of your initiatives!

Our team comprises of professionals with experience and a specific focus on healthcare, home healthcare, and proven track record of building solutions healthcare solutions for telehealth, scheduling and insurance.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative and tailor-made AI solutions to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

While we may be new, our dedication to reliability and client satisfaction in the healthcare sector is unwavering. We are committed to building a track record of success with each new partnership

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Our AI Humans seamlessly integrates with your dental practice management software, and other tools you currently use.

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