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AI Solutions for Retail Industry

At AI Wizards, we provide retail industries with cutting-edge AI technology and expertise to revolutionize their businesses, both online and in-store.

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AI Wizards AI Technology for Retailers

Together AI Wizards’ retail AI technologies engage customers, provide retailers unique insight into customer behaviour and improve operational efficiency.

HumanX AI Assistant

HumanX is an AI engine providing unique benefits to retailers and their customers.

HumanX makes it easy for your customers to find, learn, buy, and get service on your products & services by addressing their questions.

HumanX provides retailers profound insight into customer behaviour, likes & preferences and sentiments regarding their organization, unmatched by any other channel.

AI Visual Search

Capture an image of a product while browsing in-store, and let AI Visual Search identify it for you. Once located, gain additional insights about the item to aid in informed purchasing decisions.

AI Visual Search works with HumanX interface giving customers a visual search option.

Product IQ

Integrated ProductIQ assistant empowers shoppers to pose queries related to any chosen product, providing instantaneous answers concerning product features, specifications, or other essential details.

Product IQ, AI Visual Search work together to provide a seamless interface for customers

AI Kiosks

Elevate the in-store shopping experience by deploying AI Kiosks to handle common queries such as product locations, availability, sales, or product specifications. Our versatile AI Kiosk solution incorporates HumanX, AI Visual Search, and ProductIQ functionalities accessible via a touchscreen display. Seamless integration is possible with existing kiosk systems featuring speakers, microphones, cameras, and touchscreens.

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HumanX AI Assistant


Transform complicated eCommerce sites into intuitive single-page AI websites through AI Wizards’ HumanX technology. Users interact directly with the interface using text, voice commands, or visual cues to access the desired information effortlessly. Advanced conversational and computer vision AI ensures that users receive accurate, updated, and relevant responses in real time. Additionally, sentiments analysis during multi-turn conversations with context awareness allows for natural communication between users and HumanX.

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