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AI Consulting & Guidance

You have heard about AI and that it can benefit your organization! But do not know how to use AI in your company to reap the benefits of AI,
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Conversational AI Development

Conversational AI is a branch of AI which provides human like two way conversational capability.
Conversational AI can used to add efficiency to:
If you can benefit from Conversational AI in any of the above areas, contact us today

Computer Vision AI Development

Computer Vision AI is a branch of AI which enables machines to interpret and understand visual information from the world, including images and videos. Computer Vision AI can be used for efficiency, safety in:
Contact us today to discuss how our technology and knowledge in AI and software solutions can be applied to your enterprise.

Conversation AI Development

Customer Support

Conversational AI solutions for businesses helps enhance customer support operations, providing 24/7 assistance and reducing response times.

Sales and Marketing

Conversational AI can be used to engage with customers, answer queries, and guide them through the sales process. Consulting firms can develop chatbots and virtual assistants for these purposes.

Data Collection and Analysis

Conversational AI can be used collect customer feedback and data, which can be analyzed to improve products and services

Healthcare and Telemedicine

Conversational AI can be used to engage with customers, answer queries, and guide them through the sales process. Consulting firms can develop chatbots and virtual assistants for these purposes.

Education and Training

Implementing virtual tutors and language learning assistants are potential areas for consulting services in the education industry

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Our Work

Conversational AI

Customer Service Technology

Responding accurately and on time to tens of thousands of customer queries daily is challenging not to mention the different channels – email, web, phone and instore these queries come through.
Using Conversational AI we have built a technology which intakes organization’s information, data, response rules and templates. It then uses Conversational AI to adapt to organization specific response requirements.

Voice and Chat Customer Interface

Customers of companies with ecommerce website such as hotels, car rental, airlines, pizza, retail stores find navigating website and getting their queries addresses and order goods or services cumbersome. With Conversational AI there is a better way. Customers can now use voice and text interfaces to get information, make queries and make purchases.

Sirona the Triage and Guide Patient

Millions of patients go to the hospitals or clinics for issues which can be resolved at home. There are millions of others who stay at home for issues they should see a clinician or visit their hospital because of lack of proper guidance. Our Health guide and Triage companion helps resolves this guidance and triaging gap. Based on Conversation AI LLM with healthcare knowledge, Sirona the healthcare guide reduces healthcare costs.

Tap into Corporate Knowledgebase

Most corporations have built excessive knowledge. Using Conversational AI we enable our client’s staff to securely benefit from their ever growing knowledgebase. This knowledge is used to build Responses to RFPs, build customer specific sales materials and documentation.

Computer Vision AI

Traffic Management

Our Traffic Management solutions are based Computer Vision AI technology enabling us to count traffic, profile traffic, detect speeding, and collect number plates.

Industrial Efficiency and Safety

Our Industrial Safety technology uses Computer Vision AI technology to improve efficiency of industrial processes and adds safety by detecting humans.
Some of the work above is done as a technology development to support our custom AI and software development services. Our teams are continuously experimenting new technologies and commercial solutions so we provide the best solutions to our clients.

Our Engagement Models

Proof of Concept -Time & Material Services

All our projects start with a POC building which is based on Time and materials.

Project Development - Fixed Priced

Our fixed priced project-oriented approach gives you the peace of mind knowing the budget in advance

Ongoing Development - Dedicated Team

Our team of developers work as your team using their knowledge and expertise in leverage cutting-edge AI, Healthcare, and Software to develop tailored solutions to for you.

You will benefit from our teams of developers experts in AI and Software along with cost effective services from our two offshore offices.

Process We Follow