Your Customizable AI Healthcare Assistant Solution by AI Wizards

Personalize your healthcare services with Ai Wizards’ AI Healthcare Assistant – Sirona, allowing you to deliver a fully customized virtual healthcare companion tailored to your organization. Here’s what sets us apart:

Ai healthcare assistant
Ai healthcare assistant

Your Own Branded AI Healthcare Software

Gain control over every aspect of your AI software of healthcare, selecting its name, gender, look, and the services it offers. Choose from options like triage, condition management, patient education, company Q&A, appointment scheduling, insurance management, and alert management. Extend beyond these services to cater to your organization's specific requirements.

Tight Integration with Your Current Systems

Ensure a harmonious addition to your healthcare infrastructure by having your AI healthcare assistant closely aligned with your EMRs, workflows, scheduling systems, and alert management tools. No need for a separate, disconnected healthcare system; instead, enjoy a unified experience.
Healthcare workflow management
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AI Healthcare Assistants

AI Assistant Software

Addressing the Need for Uniformity in Healthcare

Frustrated patients seek improved healthcare experiences characterized by seamlessness and convenience. AI software for healthcare act as a single interface where they can acquire valuable information, ask questions, and manage appointments, enhancing overall patient satisfaction and retention.

Capabilities of AI Healthcare Assistants

Our advanced AI healthcare assistant can handle a wide array of tasks comparable to human counterparts
AI Assistant
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 Getting started to get your own AI Healthcare Assistant

Begin your journey toward implementing an AI software for healthcare by reaching out to our dedicated AI Healthcare Consultant for an introductory meeting. During this initial stage, we assess your requirements and existing system dependencies and workflows, documenting key aspects such as:


Assistant’s name, look and feel


Required services the AI Assistant provides – Triage, Healthcare, Wellness, Appointment, Insurance, Corporate knowledge, Alert Management.


The systems the AI Assistants integrates with – EMRs, CRMs, Schedulers, Knowledge bases, Alert Management.


Channels through which the AI assistant can be made available – Mobile App, Website, Email and Phone


 Starting with English what other languages are to be supported.

Timeline and Phases

The pace at which the project is to be implemented

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Supported Platforms

Our AI healthcare assistant seamlessly integrates with popular healthcare solutions


Point Click Care
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Salesforce health cloud Logo


All Scripts


Salesforce health cloud Logo
Microsoft Dynamic 365
Zoho CRM
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Pricing Information

Monthly fees for utilizing Ai Wizards' AI healthcare assistant is in the range of $1-$5 per patient per month, depending on factors such as the number of patients, provided services, and employed Large Language Models (LLMs)