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AI Humans, also known as Digital humans, Digital People, AI Avatars, and AI Agents, are human-like assistants capable of interacting with users through a Natural User Interface (NUI), primarily the human voice. These AI humans find applications as personal assistants, customer support assistants, sales agents, and help desk assistants across various industries such as Banking & Finance, Telco & Cable, Retail & CPG, Healthcare, HR & Recruitment, Entertainment, and Technology & Software.


These digital human avatars offer numerous benefits, including the always-available delivery of personalized services. Here are some of the things you should look for when selecting your AI human vendor and solution.


1. Technology: Understanding the underlying technology of an AI Human vendor’s solution is important. The technology largely determines all the other factors outlined in this document. Most vendors like Soul Machines, D-ID, and UneeQ use an AI human animated in real-time on the server and is casted onto the client application such as a web browser. Thus, for each instance on a client, there needs to be an instance running on the server. AI Wizard’s AI Humans run on the browser or within an App, hence do not require a server. This influences the look and feel, the costs, and deployment of the final solution.


2. Portability:  Understanding portability of each AI Human is essential. An AI human is required as a full webpage, for example, an AI Kiosk or covers a small part of the application. AI Humans are required on mobile web pages, Android, and iOS apps. Hence, before you embark on an AI Human solution, make sure your selected solution will support your required platforms.


3. Look and Feel: The AI humans processed on the server are rendered videos and hence provide a close-to-life AI human experience. This experience cannot be matched by AI humans rendered directly on the browser, at least at the time of this writing. This will change, and client-side rendering engines will evolve.


AI Human example used on AI Kiosks

4. Emotions: Not all AI humans are created equal. Some AI Humans express emotions and are very lifelike. When evaluating a digital human, make sure that the human can generate the emotion for your customers, the primary reason for integrating the Digital Human. As we know, our emotions are usually driving our purchase decisions, i.e., how we FEEL.


Some of the emotions a digital human should elicit through their look and feel are:

• Confidence
• Empathy
• Belonging


5. Backend AI Integration: The benefit of Digital Persons comes to life only after it is integrated with backend AI systems. Most Digital persons integrate with Chat GPT and provide an API to your own custom solution. AI Wizards provides custom integration with AI Wizards AI Stack, Chat GPT, any other LLM, or you’re homegrown AI Stack.


6. Custom Development vs No Code: To represent your brand and to serve a particular profile of customer custom development is required. A No code solution will ever be able to reach the perfection required to awe your customers. Custom development includes the development of Digital Human interface, understanding of emotions, needs of your customer, and requires custom Integration with your back end systems. If you have an in-house and full-time development team experts in AI, stay away from no-code AI solutions as you will not achieve the result you will achieve with a custom-developed solution. Custom development may sound expensive – it is not, since it is integration which is custom and not the complete development.


7. Costing and Pricing Models: Costing and Pricing models are obviously a key determination of the right vendor. Most vendors provide cost on a basis of per conversation minute. The costs based on this pricing model can quickly go out of hand. To develop an AI kiosk or an AI app using the Digital Human, these companies provide high costs per month per deployed digital human.


As an AI consulting company, AI Wizards assists companies in selecting, integrating, and customizing the right AI solution for your organization. If you would like to discuss a customized AI solution that would work best for your organization, please set up a meeting with our AI consultants.


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